Helping Teens Navigate Our Stress-Filled World

We invite parents and teens to discover why emotion regulation skills are a critical competency for today’s students and future leaders. This session will include important information about the #StrongGirls® Masterclass Series and the Keitt Institute Model of Well-being, and it will give parents and teens actionable strategies for being intelligent about their emotions.

Why is #StrongGirls® Necessary?

In a poignant article entitled, “Why American Teens Are So Sad,” The Atlantic author David Thompson says, “teenagers’ perception of the world seems to be causing them more stress and girls, more than boys, are socialized to internalize distress, meaning that they tend to collapse in on themselves by becoming depressed or anxious.” American teens desperately need positive emotion regulation skills to combat the stress-filled, negative-oriented world they are growing up in and the Keitt Institute is committed to helping them. Interestingly, the report found that only those students who felt close and connected to others had less prevalent mental health issues or feelings of sadness and hopelessness. In a community of their peers along with strong, positive facilitator coaches, our #StrongGirls® Masterclass Series is designed to help teen girls learn the critical emotional regulation skills they need to succeed in life.

The #StrongGirls® Difference

The Masterclass Series concentrates on two key concepts: teen girls’ thoughts and emotions. Our research has found that the thought-emotion combination is a crucial driver in teen girls’ cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being. By focusing on this powerful combination, and providing teens with the skills necessary to perceive, label, manage and express their emotions, the #StrongGirls® Masterclass series will help students begin to build essential emotion regulation skills that will increase their mental and emotional health.